Coventry shines a light on the Holocaust

By Jessica Sage.


photo by wikicommons


On the 27th January Coventry had the privilege of shining a light upon one of the worlds greatest atrocities.

In the Lower Precinct, from 12:45 until 13:30, many special performances and speeches came together to commemorate the cause.

Coventry was just one of the many cities in the country taking part in the movement, with each city in the West Midlands, lighting one of 70 candles.

It has been seventy years since 1945, in which the liberation of those suffering occurred. Coventry has spoken for the some 7 million victims of the Nazi reign which spanned over 10 years, effecting millions of innocent lives.

It is now in these modern times that we must not only look back in time to honour the many lives lost. Atrocities, that were due to the hatred shown by those in a position of power. It is also equally important that our thoughts go also to the genocide of today, in Africa, Bosnia and many other evolving countries. It is events like these which raise the awareness to unite and bond as a community, in order to enrich the lives of ourselves and that of others.

Coventry University amnesty group Culturae Mundi have a whole host of events coming up for this year.

Included in the programme for the day, was a public speech from public figure Susi Bechofer, whom stood at the central library on 27 January. She is a remarkable individual, whom I had met in my last years at school, her visit and story of the separation and transformation of her life due to the persecution of the Jewish people of Germany inspired me to find out more. Her story inspired the book “Rosa’s Child” By Jeremy Josephs.


Image of Town Hall by Jessica Sage

The Coventry Town Hall has been the host to many events last year, encouraging the awareness of equality. Including Remembrance day.

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