Coventry Refreshers Freebie Fair

After the first Freebie Fair during Fresher’s week in September, Coventry University held another Freebie Fair on the 24th of January.  Like the last fair, there were a lot of free pens and pizza and a few other good deals such as paintballing, makeovers and perfume.


The refresher’s freebies fair was much less popular compared to the previous one and a lot less people turned up, however one stand that was proven quite successful was the “Thinkabubble” stall which offered makeovers and photo-shoots which are originally worth five hundred pounds for just fifty pounds. A first year student said “ Its amazing that you can get your makeup, hair and a photo-shoot for this price as I would usually spend this much on a haircut alone. This is a really good deal for us students.”

Written by: Gayatri Pillai    Sub edited by: Charmaine Chudley

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