Coventry sing off

By: Natalie McFall

Sub-edited by: Martina Brajkovic

The VoiceLocal Coventry boys, Lee Glasson and Jimmy Weston competed in this week’s episode of ‘The Voice’.

Millions of TV viewers witnessed the Coventry vocal battle on Saturday, as they competed for a coveted spot on pop sensation, Kylie Minogue’s final team of 6. Each of the show’s coaches – who include,, Sir Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson had to cut down their original team of 12 to 6, however, there was an option for a coach to steal one of the other coaches’ team members.

In an interview before the battle, both competitors commented on the coincidence of events, ‘You couldn’t have written it better to have us both from Cov, in the same team and against each other – it’s the battle of Coventry’

Kylie herself made the choice of song for the duo and chose a rock ballad by ‘The Killers’ that she explained would be in both of their ‘comfort zones.’ Although, Jimmy’s voice was described by producing legend,, as ‘classic’ rock, ultimately Kylie heard something special in Lee’s performance and he is to progress within the competition.

The local Coventry audience are delighted and Coventry University student, Lea Abi-akl exclaimed that, ‘It makes me proud to be studying in Coventry when people comment on the talent of singing within the competition and I am definitely rooting for Lee!’

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