COVENTRY: The Importance of Social Media coverage for the EU Referendum

Social Media has become increasingly influential over recent years, with the use of hashtags, global discussions, and everyone giving input using just 140 characters.

The EU Referendum vote is planned to take place on Thursday 23rd June 2016 and it is essential that everyone has access to the knowledge and resources necessary to make the most appropriate decision for our country.

I’ve focused particularly on Twitter with hundreds of millions of users and billions of tweets sent. Twitter allows people to network, express their controversial views, persuade and campaign for the EU Referendum and the pending vote, which inevitably has a big impact on decisions made.

Below I have compiled tweets using the hashtags of #EUReferendum, #BREXIT and #EURef to see what the public had to say.

Let us know how you plan to vote, and what you think from looking at the Social Media coverage.

This is a compilation of tweets discussing the EU Referendum and the public sharing their popular or unpopular opinion in order to inform, persuade and give their input for the upcoming vote for Britain to stay or leave the EU on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

Tashanne Grey


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