Cov Uni Grad Skis at Sochi

By Robyn Western

Ioan Archiriloaie

Ioan Achiriloaie

A sports graduate from Coventry University has competed at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Ioan Achiriloaie graduated from Coventry in 2013 with a degree in Sports Management, and has this month represented Romania at the Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia.

Ioan began skiing aged 7, after his father told him it was a ‘must do’ sport. He was further encouraged to take up the sport further by Maria Cristea, wife of the well-known Romanian skier Dan Cristea. His first alpine ski competition was in 2003 when he entered the National Children’s Championships of Romania.

At the Games in Sochi, Achiriloaie has so far competed in Men’s Downhill and Men’s Super Combined Downhill. In the Men’s Downhill Ioan was ranked 46th, with a time of 2:17.46(+11.23). In the Men’s Super Combined Downhill, Achiriloaie did not finish the race and was ranked 50th.

Ioan said of Coventry University; “Staff and colleagues at the University encouraged me all the way and I learned what it felt like to be an appreciated athlete. I will always be grateful to them for helping me achieve my dream.”

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