Coventry University plan £125 million revamp around the city centre

Coventry University are set to redevelop areas of the city centre. They will be developing from Little Park street to Much Park Street. This will include four council buildings that have deteriorated in recent years, and a tower block. IMG_1218

Construction work will start to begin from 2017, once the council completes their move to their new site. The university have not announced when they plan to complete the work.

The university plan to build a new headquarters, international student centre, business incubation unit, and a research hotel. They also plan to develop some of their existing sites.

The university’s vice chancellor, Professor John Latham left on statement on the official Coventry University website saying, ‘This is a major city centre site, which presents [us] with the… opportunity not only to allow the university to fulfil its potential but also to make a significant improvement to the city centre.’’


By Kevin Boateng

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