Coventry University Student Releases New Song

By Christabell Ndive
Ade Shina Jinad Sub-edited By Denica Mukasa

The Afrobeats music genre has become the new sound that has taken the UK by storm. Independent artist Showa Shins formally known as Ade Shina Jinad from Coventry University has branched out into the music industry creating a different sound of English and Yoruba rap style. His second single ‘Gbo Shokoto’ featuring Starboy Willz viral video is set to come out next week Sunday. Which fans are highly anticipating following the success from his first mainstream hit song ‘Ogede’. Played at major radio stations including Capital Xtra.

Shina, 21, decided that Afro Beats was a better way for him to succeed in the music industry considering the fact that no artist from London had ever rapped on any Afro beat songs. Most of them are from Nigeria, and he feels that he has set the trend for other artists to follow. By putting African music back on the map, and at such a young age the talent he has is amazing. He has come a long way even though he is not signed to a record label or under any management. He continues to strive and has high hopes for the future.

‘ People love seeing music with visuals so I think the new single should have a good effect on them.’

He teams up with Coventry University student Junior 20 who has previously worked with artists James Arthur and Mista Silva. Shina says ‘My team is so strong and I get constructive criticism, and always know what to change or add to have the same success as previous bangers, but from the feedback I’ve received already I know that it will be great.

He goes on to say that fans already have high expectations for his new viral video as ‘people like visuals with a new song so it should have a good effect on them.’ So far into the editing stage the video looks good , and we took a different approach. It is easier when you have a new song and video released during the same time. It lets fans enjoy everything together, and have a different experience. Plus they are able to see the visuals behind every song.

The viral video for ‘Gbo Shokoto’ inspired by the success of ‘Ogede’ will be released next week Sunday. The song will be performed for the first time  right in the heart of Coventry in Platinum Night club on Saturday 8th of February 2014.


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