COVENTRY: Worrying Percentage Revealed Regarding Ignorant British Public to Politics.

With the EU Referendum coming up, something that has come to mind is how little the younger generation know, or even care to vote. Is this down to the younger generation’s ignorance, or is there a lack of information provided by the Government?

Whilst speaking to several people around my age(18-22) about politics, if they have voted before, if they’re going to vote, and whether they feel comfortable enough towards politics and knowing all the details. Instantly, as politics is mentioned, the faces of each drop and instantly looked hesitant, and this is a frightening sign, this shows lack of confidence, and more importantly naivety.

Is this a bigger problem; is this a problem for other people from the younger generation around Great Britain? I recently ran a poll on Twitter (As you can see in beneath), asking “Do you feel that the government gives a wide enough range of information regarding political events?”

95% Out Of 22 Votes went against being given enough information by the government.

With 22 people voting, 95% voted ‘No’ and the left over 5% voted ‘Yes’. With one vote coming from a 40-Year-Old man, who has been voting in the past, voted ‘No’. Is this a younger generations problem, or is Britain worryingly ignorant and naïve towards politics?

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 20.24.06Ieuan Thomas

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