Coventry’s Own Catwalk – Photo Essay

From traditional African designs, through crazy Japanese culture-inspired tops to fierce and unique hats and streetwear. That’s how Coventry-based fashion designers presented themselves during Fashion and Entertainment Night at Coventry University on Wednesday, October 18.

The show was organised as a part of Black History Month and took place at Coventry University’s very own Square One cinema. The set up resembled a regular fashion show structure: dimmed lights, a few rows of chairs with a catwalk under direct light in the middle. Everything looked professional and well put together.

Who said UK’s fashion is centered in London? Don’t let the not-so-colourful city of Coventry fool you. Everyone involved in Fashion and Entertainment Night proved that there is true talent and style in Coventry. Attention-grabbing outfits were complemented by the attitude of models, showing that style is not only clothes but also personality.

Sumyi Chan, final year design student at Coventry University, presented 3 different hat designs which were the main focus of her collection. She sent her girls down the runway in urban, but sexy red and black customised by her outfits.

Wale Taiwo, CEO of Wessy Apparel, presented man’s African suits. The whole collection was very cohesive letting us appreciate the cultural aspect.

Suzie Ngwu, CEO of Saintsuzzy Signature, presented her women’s summer fashion line. She attracted everyone’s attention with bold colourful tops and dresses inspired by African culture. Each one of her designs was really unique and fierce with very strong feminine vibe.

Shammin Keid, final year fashion design student from Cov Uni, together with stylist Faiza Tasnim came up with ss18 psychotropical trend and nature inspired outfits. Shammin designed three manga inspired tops as a part of her ひめ (Hime) collection. Big colourful army pants and flowers complemented the looks.

Akeem Adams, biomedical science graduate and male fashion designer, presented 11 bold male designs. However, his runway lineup included 3 female models presenting his projects proving fashion has no specified gender. His collection included Coogi jumpers as well as sweatshirts, jackets and blazers with different textures and fabrics.

Fashion and Entertainment Night proved Coventry has big potential and is not as ‘grey and boring’ as it’s said to be. It was a truly diverse show bringing together different cultures and styles. More events such as this should definitely be promoted to make Coventry the city of culture that it wants to be.

 Natalia Kaluza


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