Coventry’s #PicBod Photography Exhibition Funding

By Agata Trigo

poster for picbod

Poster for Picbod

Coventry university students who are studying the photography degree, are now organising a three day exhibition in Leamington Spa, and as if this doesn’t sound like such a great achievement already, they are doing everything alone – paying for the venue, poster etc. They are doing this by creating fund raising events, which is helping them to gain all the money they need to make sure this exhibition goes ahead.

They have created various fundraising ideas but a popular one that is taking place on the 26th February is bringing the Birmingham Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to Coventry, photography students who are involved in the exhibition are selling these for £2 a box. They have ordered 200 of these and they are selling them in the hub – Coventry, as this is a great place to attract students.

Also another fundraising idea they have carried on because they have done so well, is baked their own cupcakes, brownies, flapjacks, cookies etc. They have this various days as they always become sold out – due to them making it such an affordable price a lot of people are interested and word has also got around. Not also is this good for them as it shows how much input they are putting for this exhibition but also they will attract a wider audience range to come and see their projects.

cake fundraising

Cakes from the fundraiser

Photography student Matt Hague says ‘’this is a great opportunity to take part in, and even though the exhibition doesn’t really count for my grade it’s an amazing project to be able to create and it’s going to be so big, I can’t wait for the end results’’.

In addiction they have advertised on social networking websites, such as Twitter and Facebook where they promote their exhibition and when they are selling the cakes they have made etc – this is important as they are also reaching a new audience and are likely to get bigger responses.

Photography student shows one of the types of cakes that they will be selling:

Further more Thomas Padula says ‘’we have come across a lot of obstacles and the pressure has been crazy, but to know we are so close to reaching the day of our exhibition and seeing all of our projects displayed knowing so many people will be able to see them makes me really excited, I can’t wait’’.

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