Crime In Coventry: A Shared Concern

With 30% of its population from ethnic minority backgrounds, Coventry is the ninth largest city in England. Located 95 miles northwest of London, the city is among the top ten in England for jobs and business growth.

As per Verisure, a safety alarms company, crime statistics pictured Coventry as a city with crime rate lower than the average. Nonetheless, crime is on the rise in the city. 2017 data showed 7,336 crimes committed in Coventry between January and March. An increase compared to 2016 figures showing 6,610 crimes reported during the same period.Whoberley, Wainbody, Earlsdon and Holbrook are among the safest areas I Coventry with fewer crimes reported whilst St Michaels, Foleshill, Henley, Binley and Willenhall sadly figured among the most dangerous areas.

With the year drawing to a close, criminality becomes a real concern. Coventry is covered by West Midlands police and they’re doing a great job trying to curb crime rate in the city with effective, legitimate and efficient impact.Safety, security, fighting crime are a shared concern and few tips and simple measures help keep criminals at bay and ensure that people and their property remain safe and secure. Vary routes and times of return home from work, keep eyes open for unfamiliar cars or people in the vicinity during several consecutive days.

Ensure that all accesses to homes are properly locked when nobody’s in. Also telling everyone about a prolonged absence from your home on social media is just one more attraction to burglars.

Other simple and easy tips: teach children how to call for help in an emergency, not to open the door to strangers and not to give personal details if they are talking on the phone with someone they don’t know.

A simple way of deterring thieves is to have adequate lighting both inside and outside the building. Ensure that no doors and parking areas are in darkness at night. Shop owners should ensure they keep as little cash as possible in cash registers. Stay alert when opening or closing the store/office. Give the impression that there is someone at home when it’s empty

According to Geography website World Atlas, Coventry has been named few months backs as the most dangerous city in the UK. Even worse, Coventry was classified as one of the top ten in Europe which means the city was ahead of former war zone Sarajevo, and only just behind a string of continental cities notorious for crime.

However, in the year ending June 2017, the crime rate in Coventry was lower than average for the West Midlands force area as per West Midlands Police.

Of the 27,687 crimes committed in Coventry between April 2016 and March 2017, anti-social behaviour was the most common with 6,534 incidents reported, which represent roughly 24%. Violent crime is the next most committed crime.Criminal damage and arson come third in Coventry, with 3,044 incidents reported. Other frequent offences are vehicle crime 2,933 incidents, burglary 2,722, followed by other theft at 1,971 offences (7%) and shoplifting, which stands at 1,880 incidents (6.5%).


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