‘Daniel’s Law’ petition signed by over 90,000 people

By Luke Beasley and Michelle Yates

97,000 people have signed a petition to protect children like Daniel Pelka.

The petition which was launched last August called for adults that work with children to be legally required to support suspicions of child abuse.

This petition was created after Daniel Pelka, 4, was killed by his parents after a serious case of neglect which his school were suspicious about, yet did nothing about it.

Sam Smith from child line says “The law will be able to help children at home and school and give them the support that was not necessarily available to Daniel”.

When The Telegraph first featured the campaign for this new law to be introduced only 3,000 people had signed up. However, since having the support of three political parties a further 94,000 people have signed up.

Little Heath, Daniels primary school, was criticized for missing opportunities to help the child after people that worked at the school was suspected he was a victim of child abuse.

Employees at the school admitted of being too scared of offending the parents to say anything about their suspicions, which ultimately lead to his dead.

This new law that is being put in place will require that people who work with children to always act on suspicion of child abuse or serious consequences will be put in place. Some of these include losing your job and not being able to work with children again.

Child line hope that they can work closely with schools to offer support not only to children but also the teachers who may be too scared to speak up.

“We want students and teachers to know that they can speak up, we are only here to help”.

Although there has been progress on Daniels law being put in place, members of the public and members of the council are still asking for signatures.

If you would like to support the cause and for Daniels Law put in place then please follow the link below: www. change.org/danielslaw

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