David Shepherd: Earlsdon Teacher and Flamenco Guitarist

By Ayokunle Oluwalana

David Shephered has been an Earlsdon resident and has been teaching music for 30years+ and a huge representative of what Earlsdon stands for.

Growing up in Earlsdon, he has seen continuous changes in his community and has seen it grow into a cosmopolitan society. He gives back to his community by teaching music in primary schools and secondary schools where he passes on his expertise in the different types of guitar forms.

In the interview we conducted with him, he talked about how Earlsdon is more “de-personalised” due to rise of students in the area, thanks to the university and that seeing new people has “given vitality to Earlsdon” and people would look back on this time “very nostalgically”.

The culture has changed in Earlsdon from when he was grown up and spoke about how walking down the street and hearing so many different languages, showing how multi-culturally the area has changed since he was a young boy to being in the area for more than 30years.

Coventry City Council presented David Shepherd with an an award for his services to teaching, a great achievement for a man who has lived in Earlsdon all his life.

He then went on to talk about the changes he would want to happen. He pointed out that there isn’t enough activities for youth in Earlsdon to do, the main things you could do would be going to a pub or bar and he said there was a “there is not much of a sports facility in the area” but did point out that there are a lot of other activities do.

David right now is part of a 2 man band alson Juan Casals Mendoza, called Nuestras Vivencias and it a partnership that brings the best of two experienced flamenco players.

As we concluded the interview, we asked him whether he would like to play a guitar piece and thankfully he obliged and played a piece to see us out.

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