December in Spain

The United Kingdom gets very chilly around December. If you look outside your window, there are probably blankets of snow or it’s probably snowing right now. The UK is notoriously known for being cold and raining in summer, not only is the weather very cold but it’s also very unreliable. However what about Spain? The stereotypes we have of the climate in Spain is that it’s hot, hot, hot. Sun all year round.

In this article you get to have a glimpse of December in Spain. Paige Bradley who studied at Coventry University has taken an Erasmus year in Madrid. She tells us the truth of what it’s really like.

Is the weather really hot or is it freezing, Bradley says “The weather has started to get colder but still not as cold in the UK…most days its about 10, 11 degrees”. Surely there must be some elements of rain, she continues and says that since September, “there hasn’t been much rain for most of my time here, I think it’s only rained about 3 times”.

Although the weather sounds glorious and hot but what about the snow, Bradley says that “seeing everyones pictures of the snow on social media makes me miss home lots”. She continues to say, “I know after throwing a few snow balls I would wish for it to get warmer as I don’t do well in the snow however in the pictures it does look magical”. So at least there is one one benefit of the snow in the UK, it’s pretty and magical.

In December, the Christmas celebrations in the UK start. You name it, Christmas songs start playing in the shops and decorations are displayed everywhere you go. Christmas is paraded everywhere in the UK. However does Spain follow these same traditions? Bradley says “My Spanish friends have told me that Christmas in Spain goes on until January, because on January 5th children typically leave shoes out for the three kings or three wise men”. But what other traditions do they have? Bradley continues to say, “I think Christmas here is still very religious as a lot of my friends say they will be going to midnight mass…when I went to the Christmas market, most of the stalls were selling nativity scenes for Christmas decorations instead of ball balls”.

What other changes are there? Bradley says “I think the biggest change is that I can’t get into the Christmas spirit mostly because I feel like it isn’t cold enough…I have searched for mince pies and haven’t had any luck sadly, also I know it isn’t a big deal but not seeing the Christmas adverts on TV like the John Lewis advert makes me feel like Christmas hasn’t started”.

Although it may be sunny and warm in Spain at least we have mince spies and snow that really is quite magical.


Khanderly Parker 

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