Documentary Review: House Of Surrogates

By Harpreet Dawett

Do you think it is right for another women to carry your child? Escaping the pain of pregnancy by letting a woman on the other side of the planet to give birth to your genetic child?

A documentary that was shown on BBC Four, called House of Surrogates, shows the less fortunate women in India coming to the clinic so they can become surrogates. Who has organised this ‘baby factory’ you may ask? A strong feminist named Dr Nanya Patel.

Dr Patel opened up this clinic after she helped a British women become a surrogate to her own grandchildren, she believed if she opened up this clinic it would help women in India.
Couples around the world are paying $28,000 for a baby and each surrogate mother would get $8,000 (£4,967) for delivering it. This is enough money for the poor to buy a new house and send their children to school.

Although this all seems like a fairly good idea, there are some concerns that may be raised by people that watch this fascinating and bizarre documentary. Many would say that this is just torture to women and an illegal activity. Near the end of the documentary we see that the surrogate mother is almost forced to say goodbye to the child she has given birth to. They say that when a mother gives birth to a child, they instantly get this special bond that no one else will ever feel. It saddens me to see such heartbreak after a 9-month baby carrier has to give away the child.

I highly recommend this documentary to be watched as it may surprise you.
Below is a clip showing a woman that is a surrogate mother to a boy she gave birth for a Canadian couple:

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