dodie: One Tour Ends and Another One Begins 

YouTuber come singer dodie has reached the end of her second headline UK tour promoting her recent EP release ‘YOU’.

After facing a rocky start to the tour, caused by dangerous weather conditions from Storm Ophelia, dodie commenced her tour on the second night in Dublin on the 17th October and played at various venues across the UK including Cardiff, Nottingham, London and Birmingham.

The cancelled first night of the tour from Dublin is set to be rescheduled early in 2018. Ticket holders are being urged to keep hold of their tickets as they can be redeemed at the rescheduled show, or they can contact their point of purchase for a refund.

The musician had a number of tricks up her sleeve to impress her audiences. One of the more notable acts was during the performance of her song “She” – a song written about her experience with bisexuality and falling in unrequited love with a girl. dodie wrapped herself in an audience members pride flag and illuminated the stage with bi-pride coloured lights.

During her performance of ‘In The Middle’, dodie showed her audience her skill an instrument that they had not previously seen her play. The artist picked up drum sticks and performed a drum solo in the middle of the song (pardon the pun). dodie was full of excitement and enthusiasm in this section of the song making the song and performance all that more enticing.

For the lucky audience that attended the show in London, dodie had specially arranged a balloon drop to happen during her performance. The balloons fell from the ceiling during the last chorus of ‘Would You Be So Kind?’ marking the end of the concert.


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Straight off the back of finishing her EP tour, dodie has embarked on yet another tour, but this one instead promoting her new book ‘Secrets for the Mad’. The book was officially released on 2nd November and YouTube Space London held a pop up shop to mark the date, where the YouTuber come musician come author attended to support the event.

Secrets for the Mad is a memoir of life lessons, and stories about growing up and the authors mental health. Named after one of her popular songs ‘Secret for the Mad’, dodie has explained that “When I feel like I’m going mad, I write,” and as a result, the book was written.

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The book tour consists of 5 dates including London, Brighton and Birmingham, where some are purely book signings with a meet and greet, and others also include a conversation about the book. Running from the 6th to the 18th November, dodie will be promoting her book across the country.

What will the YouTuber come musician come author do next?

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