COVENTRY: Does everyone understand what we are voting about?

The typical ‘in’ voter for the EU referendum are known to be younger and more educated than a typical ‘out’ voter. Does this come across alarming since according to office of national statistics 2001 census only around 20% of the population has a degree. Meaning in theory there are more people likely to vote ‘out’ than ‘in’. Obviously there are thousands of variables, however this could lead to a uneducated departure of the EU.

I spoke to Jeremy Ling a teacher here at Coventry: “The EU isn’t an easy thing to understand, I get why so any people are swayed by voting yes. But if you look around its easy to educate yourself before you vote”. He also explained that the news doesn’t really help the issue, because no regular person can comprehend what is being said most of the time.

Jeremy’s informed response isn’t a common thing among everyday people, I also spoke to Jean Croucher a single mum and office worker. “From all I can gather we might as well leave and stay away from it, it seems like a mess.” Jean has education up to O-level.

Online there seems to be an abandons of content, however for the majority of people it is inaccessible. To have a fair election on an issue this important everyone should have all the information be for voting.  It Is not a question of bombarding information on people it is more about making it easily understandable a clear so everyone can make an informed choice come election day.

Luke Ambrose

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