Does Racism Exist in UK Politics?

Less than five months as leader of the UKIP Party, it is confirmed that Henry Bolton has been sacked. Following on from a 63% vote to back a no confidence motion at the EGM, the end of his short-lived position was announced.

Mr Bolton had earlier faced backlash after it emerged that his partner, Jo Marney sent a series of racially abusive text messages about Meghan Markle. The scandal revealed to the public in January shone a spotlight on UKIP, political prejudice and xenophobia in Britain.

After the result, Henry Bolton said he feared the outcome would see UKIP “taken off the battlefield” of British politics. In his place, UKIP MEP Gerard Batten will be interim leader until the leadership election that will take place within 90 days.

The recent exposure of Mr Bolton’s former partner proves racism is embedded within the landscape of 21st century politics. Despite calls to stand down from his role last month, the former leader instead defended his right to stay.

As a political party leader, Henry Bolton had diverted conversations away from his relations with a woman who expressed such vile comments in what was thought to be a “private discussion”. Although he has stated that he was “appalled and shocked” by her comments he continued to “support Jo Marney and help her rebuild her life”.

Political leadership bias has been seen to marginalize groups within society, which UKIP has been no exception to. Over the years, racism has undoubtedly taken centre stage for heated debates and controversy from those in positions of power.

By conducting research on Twitter, 67% of poll participants believe that Henry Bolton should have bee sacked from the party. Taking the investigation further, results from a second poll show that 75% of participants believe that UKIP is, in fact, a racist organisation. Lastly, and with the highest percentage of them all, 82% of those who answered the final question voted that racism does exist in UK politics.

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*Statistics are subject to change through the course of the poll duration and will be updated accordingly.

Monifa Bobb-Simon

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