Doner Kebabs Could Be About to Be Made ILLEGAL

Doner Kebabs are a very significant part of student culture. How many of us go straight to a chip shop after a night out? In many city centers across the country, chip shops will stay open late, to accommodate for nightclubs’ closing times. The meat filled snack is loved by people not just in the UK, but all over the world, with the market for Doner Kebab shops huge in various countries.

Now, imagine a world where you can’t walk down the road to a chip shop, and grab a quick kebab after a night out. That could be the reality for people all over the country sooner than you think. The Doner kebab could soon become a thing of the past.

We all know that Doner kebabs aren’t the healthiest thing to eat in the world, but recent studies have shown that eating Doner Kebabs could increase consumers’ risk of Cardiovascular disease. The risk comes from certain phosphates that are used by Doner Kebab shops to keep the meat tender, and to keep the taste consistent.

Many of us would argue that Kebabs are worth the risk, but the European Parliament certainly disagree. After a vote on whether to allow phosphates in Doner meat, the Health Committee opposed the law by 32 votes to 22. The full European Parliament is set to reconvene in two weeks to decide whether to pass the law or not.

If the unthinkable does happen, and the law is passed, Doner Kebabs would become illegal across the EU.

While rejection to the law would mean that nothing changes, with the high volume of media coverage of the risks regarding Doner Kebabs, it hasn’t stopped Kebab shop owners across Europe from panicking, with some even calling it “Doner discrimination’. Of course, for many shops, it would also mean a sharp hit to revenue.

“A ban on the phosphate additive would be the end of kebab production and thus the end of tens of thousands of jobs”, argued German MEP, Dr. Renate Sommer, in a statement published on Facebook. “For 60 years, phosphates have been used in the production of kebab skewers, and with good reason: The phosphates keep the fleece together and ensure that the rotisserie cooks evenly. They also bind water and keep the spit juicy. Without added phosphate, the spits would crumble when grilling and would still be raw inside, even if the outside was almost burned.”

80% of Doner Kebabs sold in the EU are produced in Germany, and it is estimated that passing the law would cost Germany a significant sales loss of €10.5 a day, and the loss of 110,000 jobs. There is currently no technical replacement for the phosphates, and the potential ban has hit Kebab enthusiasts harder, as the similar phosphates are used in some types of Sausage, which will remain unaffected if the law is passed.

Baris Donmez, who runs a kebab shop in Berlin, told MailOnline: “Such a ban would be the biggest pile of garbage imaginable.” At iCov, we are sure that the majority of student across the country would certainly agree. We advise any Kebab-lovers reading this to indulge in a Doner Kebab while you still can.

Vikash Patel

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