Drop the Ball and Get In the Cage: MMA

Many of you might not know what MMA is.
MMA, also known as Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact fighting sport, with both standing and on ground work. It is a mixture of different styles from, boxing and judo to jiu jitsu and muay thai.

MMA could never compete to mainstream sports such as football. The thought of two people fighting in a cage might turn heads away and scare them. Yes, it is scary. But the adrenaline when you walk into a stadium full of people chanting on their contestants to win will excite you!

Local MMA clubs such as Atomic Black Belt Academy urge people to join, but the lack of insight to what this sport is doesn’t help the numbers of members joining, increase.

Local Amatuer MMA fighter Sunny Athwal says, “Mixed Martial Arts have always welcomed people in to learn the ways of discipline and respect, it is not just about harming another human being, there’s safety rules we need to follow to become the right type of MMA fighter” he also adds, “I started off as a shy kid, but MMA has helped me gain my confidence”

So why not ditch the ball and try something different.

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