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24th February, 14
Earlsdon Festival Needs Volunteers!

With Earlsdon Festival upon the horizon, expectations and excitement has already developed within the community. The festival is already known for its incredible diversity in its appeal to all ages & its range in activities; the spectacle is being highly anticipated. Continuing with the theme of previous years, crowds can expect a large array of local music talent & a few surprises from the Criterion Theatre in their productions to create an element of surprise for the audiences. The festival has a real community feeling but each year it requires the help of the people in Coventry to help create the ultimate atmosphere.

Last year, the sunshine brought in an estimated 10,000 people for the final day of Earlsdon Festival. With this being the 21st annual festival, the belief is that this will be the best festival yet. Speaking to one of the chief organizers, Simon Shaw, he was quoted saying “the community really looks forward to it, as it’s a real celebration of not only the area. But the skills and talents of the people that live there.” Last year’s event was seen as an overall success; not only did it raise the morale within the community, but furthermore it raised more than £10,000 for local charities and organisers.

Consequently, historical this not the festivals 21st consecutive celebrated but it has been calculated that will be the 21st festival in May of this year. Mr Shaw, head of organizational team was quoted in saying “we have learnt over time to improve the festival and gain knowledge into what people want. So that this festival is extra special, to help celebrate Earlsdon 125th year is existence as well.” Therefore, it is evident that the enthusiasm within Earlsdon is cultivating. This is a great opportunity to give back to the local community, as the Festival needs volunteers. So if you are over the age of 16 and are willing to help; apply online and get involved. This is a chance to make a real difference and be part of something very special.

Jaydee Dyer & Ayo Lana

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