Everything You’ve Come to Expect from Alex Turner and Miles Kane

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane of The Rascals, better known as The Last Shadow Puppets, just dropped their new album named Everything You’ve Come To Expect, and it’s definitely not an April Fools’ joke.

In past few years, Miles Kane recorded two solo albums and Alex Turner managed to boost Arctic Monkeys for one of the biggest indie bands in the world. We’ve been all waiting for the biggest and the best bromance in indie music history to finally come back together and release a collaborative album again… And here it comes, after eight years.

As real indie artists, the boys couldn’t let anything too cliché be the album cover, and that’s how the picture of Tina Turner dancing, taken by Jack Robinson in 1969 happened to be a cover artwork.

Everything You’ve Come To Expect is actually something we’ve come to expect from Turner and Kane. It’s nothing really new, but positive nothing new. Sometimes it’s better when our favourite artists don’t change too much, isn’t it?

Obviously their individual music tastes evolved over those eight years and the album sounds a bit more experimental, but the gentlemen still stayed in their cavalier, toned and as alternative as possible vibe that we all used to and that we all like.

The album is not so continuous – each song differs from the others. Even though we can still clearly notice Turner’s poetic tongue and Kane’s cheeky claw. With edgy Bad Habits full of “uhs and ohs” and rock sounds, burlesque-style sexual Sweet Dreams and more settled titular Everything You’ve Come To Expect, this album has everything you want to hear from The Last Shadow Puppets.

Full track list:

  1. Aviation
  2.  Miracle Aligner
  3. Dracula Teeth
  4. Everything You’ve Come To Expect
  5. The Element Of Surprise
  6. Bad Habits
  7. Sweet Dreams, TN
  8. Used To Be My Girl
  9. She Does The Woods
  10. Pattern
  11. The Dream Synopsis

Everything You’ve Come to Expect got also positive reviews not only from music critics but also from fans, who are thrilled by the album.

You can order Everything You’ve Come To Expect here.

Watch the video to titular song below:

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