Fans in Despair Over Coventry Speedway



Freelance speedway photographer and Coventry Bees fan Ashleigh Burton has admitted she doesn’t “believe there will be a Coventry Speedway next season.”

It has been reported that the stadium has been bulldozed after news broke that Mick Horton did not take over the lease of the stadium on January 3.  

Burton, who has been going to speedway since the age of five, predicted worrying times for the club.

“The whole situation just needs to be sorted sooner rather than later because the season starts soon and they need to fix the stadium, I have no idea who owns it right now,” said Burton.

The 18-year-old explained that this ambiguity as to who owns the club could mean its implosion, or else “they won’t have a team or club simple as that.”

Burton claimed that this view is echoed by the 700 fans who watch Coventry Bees every weekend.

“It’s extremely disappointing, nobody thinks there will be any speedway in Cov this season.”

Burton said she wouldn’t be surprised if the rumours of two team riders being released prior to the new season in March are proved to be true.

And if the photographer’s views are also reflected among the fans, it could accelerate the demise of Coventry Bees further.

“If Coventry Bees collapse, I will just go back to Wolves because I don’t believe there will be a Cov speedway.”

British Speedway Promoters Association (BPSA) have declined to comment today, although a spokesman revealed that a statement will be released tomorrow on the future of the stadium.


Isaac Johnson

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