Fargo Village Struggling? Far from it!

At times, walking past the highly creative Fargo Village can look very much like a ghost town; perhaps one or two bodies might come into view. However, the unique creative hub attracts around 1000 visitors a day, even on the dullest of looking days!

When Fargo first opened in 2014, the opening weekend alone attracted an incredible 10,000 visitors, and the regular and increasingly popular events that are put on such as the recent Unicorn Afternoon Tea Party are only adding to the chilled and creative vibe that Fargo possesses.

Many of the tenants have spoken about the great chemistry they all have together, they also talk about the great ambience that constantly sits with Fargo.

Dashing Blades Barbershop owner Rob Walton spoke about how great the place was on the opening weekend.

“When it opened, we opened to 10,000 people on the opening weekend, which was amazing and it was a real carnival feel going through the village”.

“It was a very special time,” said Walton.

Walton also spoke about how the people of Coventry didn’t believe Fargo Village would last.

“The cynicism of people from Coventry was different because you had people [who] really liked it but didn’t think it would last, which now that position has changed somewhat and I think that comes from years of having things start in Coventry and not carry on”.

Being unique is key to many businesses success in Fargo, shops such as the American Diner Spangles, which is full of sweet flavours from the west, is what makes Fargo what it is. It has a clear unique selling point.

So painting with RC cars should fit the brief, Ian Cook does exactly that. His company POPBANGCOLOUR has been running for 10 years and when he moved to Fargo 12 months ago he has never looked back.

“It’s a great atmosphere, the place has a variety of things [which] appeal to the masses”.

“Tenants that work here have a USP (Unique Selling Point), mine is I paint with cars and nobody else does that in the world.”

“I’ve had national magazines who have done features, been on Inside Out (aired Monday 27th February), Midlands Today, Coventry & Warwickshire Radio and that’s from being here”.

Cook is a regularly showing off his incredible painting skills at the some of the worlds most prestigious motorsport events and is always proud to express that all of his work is created in Coventry, at Fargo Village.

“Whenever I go off to say Silverstone or F1 or Le Mans or anything, I go, I’m based in Coventry, I’m based in Fargo”.

Fargo has seen only a handful of tenants come and go, ten of the original forty tenants remain and the new tenants that arrive are given the warmest of welcomes by the other business owners at Fargo, as Natalie Johnson, owner of Rock’n’Roll Barbers explained.

“All (the tenants) [were] very helpful and all really supportive”.

Johnson also went on to say how excited the people of Coventry and the UK should be for the future of Fargo Village.

“We should be excited by the future because we’ve got tenants, like Dare, who are moving, not because of their sales but because of health, as a result, there’s going to be a new breed of people coming in, the good thing about Fargo is there is always something new.”

It’s just evolving, I think everyone’s finding their, Kerste is expanding in the drawing room, she’s having both the units and everyone seems to be doing really well!”.

Although the tenants are all incredibly happy with how Fargo is currently operating, being out of the city centre does create problems for the inventive village.

“The problem we have is that people don’t want to walk from the city centre” said Johnson.

She continued to say: “If it’s extra effort for something that don’t necessarily know what’s up, the chances are they aren’t going to with it which is why we run events”.

Ian Cook however told us that when friends and family have visited, they don’t need to go to the city centre!

Talking about friends and family that visited in half-term week, Cook said: “There plan was to go to Fargo and then into the city but there was enough here to be entertained for many hours”.

The ideas for the future are as positive as the atmosphere is, The Box which has been seen as a music venue is now a space which the public will be able to hire out for parties and christenings.

To many, Fargo looks like a ghost town at times, they steadily get the visitors they need, they host some jam-packed events which are flooded with visitors and offer the people of Coventry some of the wackiest and most creative businesses not only in the city but the UK, Fargo is than ever better.


Jack Williams

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