Festival of Life and Death Launch 

According to the charity Samaritans 6,188 suicides were registered in the UK and 451 in the republic of Ireland.

These shocking statistics have risen discussions about whether or not mental health is talked about enough. The Festival of Life and Death provides the opportunity for people to discuss this issue.

Alan Chapman is an organiser of the festival lost his partner to suicide in April 2015. After the tragic event he started to learn about  mental health and even experienced it himself. He explained how he hopes the festival will help "Suicide is on the rise, especially amongst young people" he added "I hope that the festival will bring funds to support charities that help people with mental health issues and those who lost closed ones to suicide."

You can watch the full interview bellow.

You can also see the full story on the Launch of the Life and Death Festival

Steph Lowen

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