Fifty Shades of Disappointing

FullSizeRenderBy Charlotte Lynch

So this has to be the most talked about film in 2015, but was all the hype really worth it? Was it as amazing as everyone made out to be? Well I can tell you from my view I personally think it was not as amazing as it was made out to be. I finally dragged myself to the cinema with my friends to see what all the fuss was about. I have read the books so was hoping the film itself was as good as the books but I was in for a big shock.

The vibe in the cinema itself was amazing because everyone was all excited about it so there was a lot of giggling and excitement running through the cinema. When the film started I was a bit disappointed in what Mr Grey actually looked like because I didn’t find myself attracted to him so that was a let down. The film left a lot out that was included in the book and I was disappointed in how there weren’t as many sexual scenes shown that I thought there would be.

The media went OTT with all the hype and advertisement and I think that let the whole film down because everyone went into the film with these big expectations and it just didn’t live up to it in my opinion anyway. The one thing that got me frustrated and let down the most was the overall ending of the film it just ended on the biggest cliff hanger going and I personally don’t even think it was a good one where it would keep people peeled and to keep people talking about, as I think once people have seen the film they don’t talk about it as much anymore like the hype has died down.

So for all you people out there that are excited to see the film if you haven’t already I can tell you now from being a huge 50 Shades of Grey fan I was disappointed in the overall outcome of the film however like I said this is just my opinion everyone has different views on things so as I didn’t enjoy it there are loads of people out there that probably love the film and would watch it over and over again.

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