Fight league comes to coventry

The Rialto in Coventry has had a lot going on over the past couple of months, from discos to singers and performance act to boxing. There is a Coventry fight league, called Risky Business, on Saturday 12th March, starting at 5pm. This will take place at Rialto Reborn, 85 Moseley Ave, Coundon, CV6 1HR Coventry.

The event will hold approximately 700 people; standing tickets will be sold at £25 and seating will be sold at £35, with the first fight starting at 6.30pm. This is not a charity event and the fighters will be getting paid for being in the ring.

There is one fighter who has worked extremely hard for this upcoming fight and is looking to possibly make something of him-self doing this and is thinking of the career aspects of fighting. His name is Jamie Afshinpour, and he lives in Coventry but is originally from Great Yarmouth. When asking Jamie about his upcoming fight, he said: “So after losing five stone since taking up boxing, I will be making my first appearance in the Coventry fight league at light heavyweight (around 12.5 stone). This will be a professional set up event and it will be with 10 Oz gloves no head guards so you will be in for fireworks it’s a fantastic venue and it will be a decent standard of boxing on display with around 10-12 fights on the evening”.

Mr. Afshinpour will be up against Dominic Allen from Burnley, when asked about how he feels about his opponent he said: “I’m not too worried about it, I just have to be confident and this is what all of my hard work and training has prepared me for, I just need to stay focused and make sure I don’t get knocked out!”



I also spoke to a local who will be attending the fight to watch Jamie in action. Kellena will be attending the boxing match to support Jamie against his rival. “I’m really looking forward to watching Jamie’s fight, a bit nervous, but still exciting at the same time. I will be rooting for him the whole time win or loose. Its nice to have things like this in Coventry because Coventry isn’t a huge place and there’s never really a lot of new interesting stuff to do, so I am thankful that the rialto is holding an event like this, its something different and interesting.”

(Image: Risky business fight card 2016)


This fight leave event will take place at Rialto Reborn, 85 Moseley Ave, Coundon, CV6 1HR Coventry.

The Rialto is known for the events that it holds, it’s not the biggest of venues but it still puts on a good show. As well as entertainment you can book out a room for parties, weddings or even for a works night out/ Christmas do. You can see more about the Rialto and what it has to offer by visiting their Facebook page here or you can also visit their home page here,

Brierley Watts
Sub-edited by Jessica Allen

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