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Over 65,000 people have signed a petition calling for a ban on the private use of fireworks across the United Kingdom, with 252 residents from across the Coventry and Warwickshire area backing the effort on the UK government’s official e-petition website. The petition aims to update and essentially restrict the sale of fireworks as they cause “alarm, distress, and anxiety” to “many people and animals”, according to CornwallLive.

The Independent has reported that the petition calls upon the Business Secretary Greg Clark, who is the individual responsible for the management of the department that is in charge of legislation to ban garden displays and instead increase the number of public displays of fireworks that take place around the United Kingdom.

Each signature requires a total of 100,000 signatures before it becomes considered for debate by MPs in the House of Commons.

The organizer of the petition, Julie Doorne, has said: “we’re asking the government to look again at fireworks legislation. We have never said we don’t want official displays, but many come out of the blue.”

Doorne continues to say: “Some people are really suffering from fireworks all the time. If you’re deaf, you’re wearing a hearing aid and a firework goes off next to your house. It can hurt.”

The current law in the United Kingdom states that the sale of fireworks is prohibited except for certain holidays throughout the year: specifically Chinese New Year, from December 28th to New Years Eve, the days leading up to Diwali, and from October 15th to November 10th for Bonfire night, also known as Guy Fawkes night.

Currently, it is illegal to use any firework – including sparklers – on public streets, and there are rules dictating the distance spectators must stand when in the presence of an active fireworks display. A violation of this code of conduct can result in a substantial fine being imposed, or a prison sentence of up to six months in total length.

The petition in question has come into consideration after it was found that a Birmingham man Tony Nicholls was found fighting for his life after lit fireworks were shoved through his letterbox, causing 60% burns on his body and forcing he and his wife to have to evacuate their residence.


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