Five Horror Movies you Might Have Missed

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With the holidays now over and it being the middle of winter you might want to stay indoors and check out a few movies that you might have missed over the last few years. Maybe you though they did not sound that interesting or maybe you just didn’t have the time before. Here are five films you might have not seen, but should definitely check out:

  1. Oculus (2013)

When I saw this movie I did not expect much, the premise sounds a bit senseless. The movie is about an old mirror that makes the owner go mad. While original, it doesn’t sound all that believable. We follow a brother and sister duo that suffered a terrible tragedy in their past and it happens to involve the mirror in question. The cast does a great job in making you believe that they are constant danger, particularly Katee Sackhoff’s disturbing portrayal of the mother.

It is not a straight up horror film, but the notion that a mirror could make you do things and then forget about them is disturbing.

  1. Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Not only a decent horror movie, but also one of the best westerns I have seen in a long time. With amazing performances from the lead actors, especially from Matthew Fox who plays a suave gunslinger who is not afraid to kill anyone in his way. This one is not for the squeamish with excessive violence especially at the end of the film; it’s a realistic look of what the life in the Wild West might have been. At first the movie seems familiar with a man trying to save his wife, but then we learn that our main villains might not be what they seem. The whole movie has a really dark tone – you don’t know who will live and who will die – that makes for a thrilling two hours of filmmaking. If you are a horror or a western fan checking this one out is essential.

  1. Crimson Peak (2015)

A Gothic romance more than a horror film, but if you know the name Guillermo Del Toro you should know that he is amazing at mixing genres that should never work. Like fantasy and horror with Pan’s Labyrinth. I think a majority of people who saw this were disappointed because it was advertised as straight up horror film and that could not be further from the truth. In its core, the movie is a gothic romance with horror elements and a bit of a mystery thrown in, but the amazing sets, creature designs and excessive violence make this movie a must see for a fan of Del Toro’s work and for anyone that is not easily impressed with simple jump scares.

  1. Insidious (Any film in the series)

I know it might seem like a cop out to include this film series in a list like this, but I think not everyone is familiar with Insidious and how ridiculously terrifying the movies are – from the creepy music to one of the best monster designs of the 21st century. Performance-wise all is well, even the child actors seem realistic. All three movies have one actress in particular who stands out. Lin Shaye who plays a medium of sorts and can communicate with the spirit world, is this actress. The first film was directed by James Wan, known as one of the creators of the Saw series and it is the best one of the three. You should watch the first one anyway because they are all connected but not so much that you will not be able to understand what is happening without having seen all of them. With 3 films in the series out now and a 4th one on the way there is no better time to watch the trilogy and wait for a new entry in the franchise.

Joseph Bishara as Demon, and Patrick Wilson as Josh in INSIDIOUS. Courtesy of FilmDistrict

  1. A Tale Of Two Sisters

I left the best for last. This movie has numerous times been called the scariest movie ever made, while I do not really agree with that it is still very frightening. I would not recommend this film if you are easily startled. There is not a jump scare every two seconds but when there is, the build up is so good that you will have no other choice but to close your eyes or start screaming. The plot is about two sisters and their family, and how they are haunted by the tragedies of the past. To be honest, the plot of the film is not the greatest and the first time I saw it I had to read up about what the ending meant. While it’s great that the movie makes you think, it is a bit hard to follow. If you are not afraid of jump scares and don’t mind reading subtitles this one is perfect late at night with the lights off.


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