Five times people got #IWD2016 horribly wrong

International Women’s Day is a day for people across the world to come together and celebrate the achievements of women, and look forward to more changes towards total equality in future.

There are some people, however, who get it horribly wrong.

1. Dapper Laughs. 

The “comedian” who had an ITV show axed for his rape and misogyny comments seems to be wanting to continue the satire. Or maybe he really has seen the light.

2. Paul Nuttall.

He’s the UKIP MEP for North West England, and tweeted earlier this absolute corker:

He used International Women’s Day, to tell women what to wear. Seriously.

3. Anyone who slammed Kim Kardashian West’s latest nude. 

Even if she does do it for attention and to “break the Internet” again, International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate all women – is not the day to do it.

4. Anyone who asks when International Men’s Day is. 

Like, every other day of the year.

(By the way, there IS an International Men’s Day, focusing on men’s mental health. It’s November 19th.)

5. Anyone who made this joke.

Haha, very funny. Tomorrow we’re back to the kitchen and sandwich craic.

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone. Regardless of your birth gender, your identified gender, your sexuality, your class, your race or religion, your sexual preferences. We should all be equal – and one day, we will get there. Until then, we keep fighting the good fight. Who run the world?

Jessica Allen


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