Floods across the UK – Cov next?

By Kirsty Robinson

Storm rampages up and down the UK, affecting hundreds.

From 12th December 2013, reports and weather warnings have been issued across Britain and hundreds have been recommended, if not forced, to evacuate their homes. The warnings come due to the severe weather, which is causing flooding, and chaos for hundreds.


Over the New Year the weather has progressively gotten worse and experts are saying: “The storm surge is possibly one of the most dramatic weather events in the UK resulting from low pressure, high winds and tidal conditions.”

The gail force winds has pushed the sea water towards the coast lines, mixed with low pressure it has pulled the water levels up, which is causing damage to natural sea defenses and added high risk to prone flooding areas across the UK. Hurricane forced winds have contributed by bringing rain from the Atlantic, resulting in flooding in areas not close to the costal regions, also.


A local from the flooded area of Stains-upon –thames, Surrey, comments: “I guess it’s just that time of the year; although climate change doesn’t help. There are loads of theories as to why the UK and other parts of the world have seen such terrible weather. Just have to wait it out, hopefully the worst is over.”


Families and the elderly have been the Government and Council’s priority for safety, Patricia Allum lives in a flooded area of Surrey, and has been forced to evacuate. Her Granddaughter Lauren Allum comments: “My Grandmothers bottom floor has been ruined by the water, furniture and memoires, destroyed. She now has to live with my family in Hounslow for a while; and hopefully our house shouldn’t be unfortunate enough to also be consumed by the growing amounts of water. It’s a terrible thing for anyone to go through, my Nan has Alzheimer’s, and all she remembers is that there’s a flood, she’s very confused still as to why she can’t go home.”


There is a lot of support in local communities, and also online guides demonstrating how to prepare for your house.

Lauren continued: “But I guess you just don’t think that’ll be your house that gets damaged. If there was anything I could do now, it would be to stress the importance of getting prepared, and if something should happen to you or your house there are places and organisations who are prepared and equipped who want to help.”


Despite the enormity of destruction, the floods have yet to reach the capital and central parts of the UK, Tony Mitchell who lives in central London comments: “We haven’t had it that bad compared to other parts of the country. Luckily it’s just woods and green land being water logged in my area. Having said that, over the Christmas period my house and a few of our neighbors found a leaks in the roof, so we’ll brace ourselves having seen the devastation of other areas of the UK.”


Weather reports from the Met office say there could potentially be threats until late May.

Subbed: Kerry Lenni

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