Former UKIP leader Henry Bolton officially resigns from the party

The official UKIP twitter has today announced that former leader Henry Bolton has tendered his ties with the party following a vote of no confidence on Saturday.

Bolton has previously been given a vote of no confidence from his party just five days prior to today’s announcement.

Henry Bolton has officially resigned from the UKIP party five days after receiving a vote of no confidence.


Weeks previous to today Bolton’s leadership had been thrown into fresh controversy and jeopardy following reports that his wife had sent racist text messages concerning Prince Harry’s fiancé Meghan Markle, as per the Mirror.

Bolton received a vote of no confidence last Saturday from his own party following the scandal concerning his wife and further the astonishing drop in supporters for UKIP in recent months.

Just two weeks ago the Mail reported that UKIP were losing in excess of a thousand supporters a month since the appointment of Bolton as leader of the party.

Bolton was appointed the leader of the UKIP party on the 29th of September, 2017. Bolton’s removal from the UKIP party see’s his stint as leader of the party falling short of even five months.

UKIP’s party will now be thrown into fresh jeopardy with many now speculating where the future lies for the party if there is indeed a future at all.


Bolton had today appeared on ITV’s show This Morning with his formerly disgraced wife, although his appearance on the show was greeted by opposition on social media.



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