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ReFreshers Fair at Coventry University

Freshers week is legendary. New found freedoms, drinking all night (and day if it suits you), meeting new people and joining endless society mailing lists (because you’re not going to realistically pay for a membership – you’re on a??student budget now!). But come the New Year, post exams, everyone needs to unwind a little. That’s where the ReFreshers fair comes in, like a nostalgic breeze, taking you back to your days of innocence. Here’s the rundown on what to expect, from a seasoned veteran.

Sports and Society Fairs
Those mailing lists aren’t all for nothing, you know. When you’re slogging in your PJ’s after a hard 9am lecture, unsure if the smell is you or the week-old dominos boxes to your left, the promise of a better life will land in your inbox. Endless recommendations and??membership only away days play with the guilt that you wasted your first term drunk.

What to look out for: Each and every sports society trying to cash in your New Years resolution to lose the freshers 15.

Where you’ll find me: Trawling the stands for the best freebies. It’s never as good as the Freshers Fair and they’re usually just sweets next to the mailing list sheets, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Careers Fair
Home to the dedicated and the brave, the careers fair offers students the potential to talk to graduate employees, build networks and gather ideas of where to go after they leave full time education. They’re actually a really nifty idea and an easy way for you to make connections you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of – and as they all say, it’s not what you know, but who.

What to look out for: The stall with little traffic. Better to be on first name terms with??a small business than a face in the crowd of a big business.

Where you’ll find me: In bed pretending that I’m not half way through my degree and actually need to think about a full time job.

ReFreshers Fair
The big one, the holy grail of all fairs. If the sports fair was Kimye, the ReFreshers Fair is Queen B and Jay. My housemates and I actually compete to see who can gather the most freebies, the only prize being eternal glory. Last year, we got the best Dolmio carbonara kits, that only one Iceland in the city seem to stock. Heartbreaking. Milkshakes, chocolate bars, energy drinks, you name it; if it leads to type 2 diabetes, they’ll shovel it down you during the fair. Upon reflection, they should really do the ReFreshers fair first, making sure your guilt and third chin will sign up for Ultimate Frisbee by the time the sports fair comes around.

What to look out for: The kids like us struggling with 5 bags on each arm all in a bid to outdo each other – jokes on you guys, ’cause we won’t have to shop for 8 weeks straight.

Where you’ll find me: At the domino’s van downing free pizza like it’s a jager bomb… Or, you know, flailing under 10 bags full of freebies.

Living in a house proved for a slightly less uniform shirt choice

Bar Crawls
Hands down the ultimate student night out. A communal bonding experience for your halls and houses alike, it’s a great time to meet fresh faces or even just socialise with those you’ve been too scared to approach soberly for the last few months. Matching t-shirts, hip flasks to avoid paying for drinks while you’re out and tactical chunders to make sure you make it to the last bar are the dream team in making a night to remember – or forget.

What to look out for: Rival halls shouting abuse at each other across the street as they head to different pubs. Nobody quite knows what they’re competing for in the slagging match, they just know they’re in it to win it.

Where you’ll find me: On the floor, probably. Everyone knows an 6 o’Clock start means drinking from 2pm, right?

However you choose to spend your ReFreshers, make sure it just as memorable as Freshers – after all University is supposed to be the best three years of your life. Coventry University is holding their ReFreshers from the 23rd – 29th, with bar crawl shirts on sale now. For all the latest on the CUSU ReFreshers, check their website or facebook.

Stock your cupboards, join that society and #sesh.

Holly McLaren

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