Funeral Date Confirmed for Coventry Local Darren Cumberbatch

Pictured, Darren Cumberbatch

The funeral of Darren Cumberbatch will be held on Saturday, November 18th at 11am. His friends and family will gather at Coventry Cathedral to celebrate his life that met such an untimely end.

On July 10th 2017, Cumberbatch was arrested following an incident in Nuneaton. After being detained by the police, he was hospitalised and put on life support. A day after being admitted, Darren’s sister Carla was called to

Credits: @Justice4Daz Facebook Page

Nuneaton’s George Elliot Hospital. His condition stunned her, and she noticed a “dramatic change” to his appearance. With unexplained bruises and burns across Darren’s body, neither the hospital nor police could offer reasons as to how these injuries occurred. Some seven days later, the hospital informed Darren’s family that he had died.

The death prompted campaigners and supporters to reach out to Darren’s mother and sister, who have shown thanks to the community for its outpour of love. A ‘Justice4Daz’ page was created where the immediate suspension of the officers involved in Darren’s case was called for. The Independent Police Complaints Commission continues to investigate.


Monifa Bobb-Simon

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