Game inventor kills the Flappy Bird!

By Bahar A Hussain

The most popular game for mobile devices in 2014 was removed from online stores on Sunday 9 February by its Vietnamese creator, for some uncertain reasons.

Dong Nguyen, who created the free game in just two to three days, was making a huge amount of profits from the advertisements only.

In several Twitter posts, he said the game’s removal was not due to any legal issues.

Mr Dong, who describes himself as a “passionate indie game maker”, also said on the micro-blogging site that he will not sell Flappy Bird but that he will still make games.

Dong Nguyen Tweets

Flappy Bird has been downloaded more than 50 million times, making it this year’s most popular mobile game so far.

Launched in May 2013, the game was free to download and required players to tap the screen to keep the bird in flight.

Hard core gamers might complain that the quality is not that good comparing to the other games, or even very well made, but Flappy Bird succeed by accomplishing the biggest hit this year so far.

And yet despite making it’s creator $50,000 a day it’s now been taken down from App Store.

Game Over Flappy-Bird

Its Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong removed the game over the weekend, complaining on Twitter “I cannot take this anymore.

“I can call Flappy Bird is a big success of mine but, it ruined my simple life, so now I hate it,” he said.

He also insisted that the game hadn’t been taken down for any legal reasons, despite it clearly reusing the pipe graphics from Super Mario World. Moreover he added on Twitter that “the game is not for sale, so don’t ask please!”.

Sub Editor: Orianne Lunguma

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