Halloween at Kasbah (Colly)

If you’ve ever lived in Coventry you’re sure to have heard of the famous Kasbah (or Colly, to Cov locals).

With its sticky floors, cheap shots, and obscure guests, Colly always provides an interesting night.

And what’s more interesting than Halloween? This year, I went to Colly to check out if its “monster” night lived up to the hype.

The price of entry was decent. A mere £5 on the door compared to competitor club JJ’s £10 tickets. Not bad at all. Of course, queue jump tickets were available at their usual price of £10, which you’d seriously have to consider if you got there after 11pm. The queue continued down the street and around the corner, guaranteeing at least a 2 hour wait for those who didn’t get there when the doors opened (10pm).

Inside, the entire place was decked out with cobwebs, ghosts and giant spiders hanging from the ceiling. Spooky statues and zombie models were littered around and the staff were all dressed up too. Never thought I’d be handed a shot by a male, bloodied nun! Though Kasbah boasted “blood-soaked walls” on their Facebook event page, I don’t recall seeing anything too scary, decoration-wise, which for me, was a bit of a shame.

Credit: @Divya Soni

Credit: @Divya Soni


Having said that, the music choices definitely made up for what I thought was a lack of ‘horror’. Colly is split into many different parts. Each room coming with it’s own style and music. The main room is all about the chart tracks and the Halloween playlist did not disappoint. Mixing new hits with themed classics like Ghostbusters, was slightly cheesy but definitely fun. The side room had all the “headbangers” like Radioactive and Mr. Brightside, catering to different musical tastes, while the music in the cocktail bar upstairs was playing RnB tunes, manned by DJ Warren, who very kindly let me have a look around the booth at all the music equipment, (but refused to play some One Direction!).

Despite being packed to the brim, which made dancing a tad uncomfortable, having an energetic and fun atmosphere is sometimes worth getting an elbowed in the back occasionally. Everyone was dressed up, costumes ranging from terrifying to just hilarious. I saw the Pope taking selfies with Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump waving American flags around to Stacy’s Mom, and a guy with a giant inflated ghost strapped to his back.

The best costume award definitely goes to the all male group who came dressed as the Scooby Doo Mystery Gang, including the female characters and the actual Mystery Machine!

The worst costume goes to the guy who thought it’d be funny to dress as Bin Laden – absolute poor taste.

So, there it is. Halloween 2017, Kasbah style! Cheap drinks, good music and some very interesting characters! For me, the best part about Colly will always be how laid back it is and how easily you can make friends with people there. Add in some costumes, cheesy tunes and of course, alcohol, and you’ve got yourself a proper good Halloween night!

Divya Soni


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