Heavy Snow Strikes West Midlands

As Christmas draws near, the atmosphere of the festival is more and more intense. Although the snowy weather is very suitable for the theme of Christmas, it also brings us a little cold. Let’s take a look at the recent weather.

The Weather Bureau forecast shows that the West Midland will continue to snow, which is expected to reach 15-20 cm.

The British meteorological agency has warned for Coventry that “yellow” has been upgraded to “amber” and said, “A band of rain, heavy at times, is expected to move eastwards over the UK.”

With the advent of this weekend, the situation worsened. The meteorological office once said that there may be heavy snow in the middle part of the country on Sunday. It warned people that there may be delays in railway and air travel, and the cancellation of vehicle stops and public transport.

Strong winds in the central region and southern England are increasing drivers’ problems. Police have called on people to travel at a speed of 85 miles per hour if necessary.

Birmingham Airport has suspended flights to allow runway cleaning. Airport passengers are advised to check the website to update or contact their airline for more information. And the highway police reported that some highways have been closed. Bus service in Coventry also suspended on Sunday.

As the Met Office warned of more ‘significant snowfall’ on Sunday will continue to cause serious damage in the West Midlands region, drivers were warned to ‘think twice’, because the temperature may be below freezing point. The police have issued a stern warning to those who want to travel in the area of high speed on the highway people. Council gritting teams have urged drivers to prepare for every possibility. They suggested that they should bring warm clothing, food, drinks, medicines, boots, spades, and torches.

In spite of the inconvenience of travel, people still love the heavy snow. Children excitedly step the first footprint in the thick snow. Suddenly a big snowball hit your body when walking in the street, turning back and is happy smiling face. Even so, still have to pay attention to people safety. A person has been seen fell down one after another in the snow. The temperature is another noteworthy problem. The thick coat needs to be brought out. Please remember, when the snow melt, temperature will be much lower.

Forecast from Monday to Wednesday: Monday is looking bright and cold, but the south may have some small rain. The weather will be cold, dry, but sunny on Tuesday. Wednesday will have strong wind and rain.


Yunjia Wang

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