How Boko Haram threatened to kill me – Archbishop Welby

The Archbishop receiving a gift from an audience member.

The Archbishop receiving a gift from an audience member.














By Georgina Elliott

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, told how he was threatened with death by a group of Nigerian terrorists.

His comments were made during a visit to Coventry University. The Archbishop’s special visit was part of ongoing event ‘The Big Question’, which took place in the university’s William Morris building.

The event was run by the university’s Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations.

He finished the hour-long talk, saying: “I weep for Nigeria”.

Archbishop Welby, who was awarded an honorary doctorate from Coventry University in 2014, for Peace & Reconciliation, focused on the topic of how we can build communities of peace and trust.

He talked about Coventry University, saying that he was “Astounded at the incredible diversity of graduates”, and the students were “Leaders of the future”.

Justin Welby spoke about how we should be committed to building communities of peace and trust, and said: “Reconciliation is a cause worth dying for: it would transform the poverty and suffering of our world”.

The Archbishop also spoke about how social media influences communities of peace and trust, and said: “When diversity is before us on our smartphones, can we still build communities of peace and trust?”

Members of the audience also asked questions, which were answered by The Archbishop.

Coventry University student Amy Cunningham said: “I thought that it was interesting to hear the different skills the Archbishop employed when trying to help rebuild communities”.

The next Big Question event will take place in April.

For more information on upcoming events, follow the Twitter hashtag ‘#BigQuestionCov’ or email ‘’.

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