How Far is Too Far?

There was a time when people lived without technology and they survived for many generations before us, so it is possible for us all to survive without our phones and laptops. But where will the line be drawn in the advancements of technology?

One story that sparked this ongoing debate was that of a young girl suffering with cancer who won a court case to have her body cryogenically frozen. The aim: to be resurrected many years later where there would be more medical advancements. This may seem like the perfect option, who wouldn’t want to live forever?

If this worked, it would be revolutionary and breaking the boundaries of science, as we have seen in the past that has been immensely helpful to find the cures for all the diseases we have today. This may be able to help people who have family member to stay alive and live with them forever. Nevertheless death is inevitable. By the natural order of man every human will die, just some quicker than others.

However, critics are skeptical about the psychological effects the treatment could have on its participants. Why would you want to wake up, in possibly another century, where you wouldn’t know anyone, you wouldn’t know how to adapt to the lifestyle with not even a guarantee of how long you have to life more? How can you guarantee that humans will not have evolved by then and the girl will be able to survive in another century?

The dangers of technological advancements are also exhibited in a recent show ‘Black Mirror.’ One episode for example features a man who dies and his pregnant wife is left mourning. She then finds software that lets her message her husband from her phone but it uses his social media to create his ‘personality’. She upgrades the software so that she can call and speak to him and then eventually so that he can live with her in his human form.

This episode was a good way of looking at how technology can be taken too far. She originally missed her husband so wanted to text him and it mimicked her husband and what they had prior to his death. However, it wasn’t him, it was a robot. She took it too far by having him created as a human form to try and spend her life with him.

Now this is just a TV show but it highlights the dangers of technology that may soon be invented in a few to a hundred years. If robots will be doing everything for us in the near future, maybe even replacing humans in some senses what is the future for mankind?


Hiba Bukhari

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