How to Celebrate UK Charity Week in Coventry

This week is UK Charity Week, which aims to raise both awareness and money for charities in the UK. It is held every year, always on the first week of December, meaning this year it will end on the 10th December. With so many wonderful charities being based in Coventry, there is lots to celebrate during this week.

This year, one of Coventry’s very own charities has become an official partner of UK Charity Week. Coventry Haven works to provide shelter to women and children who have had to flee their homes due to domestic abuse. The charity has eighteen units within safe houses dotted around Coventry, all of which are kept secret. They will also meet social workers, who will help them in the long-run, as well as finding them safe, temporary accommodation. There are so many services they offer for the after care of women in such a situation. The charity asks for money donations, as well as food items and clothing donations, as well as accepting volunteers to work for their service.

In light of UK Charity Week, tickets have gone on sale for a Christmas concert at Coventry Cathedral on the 16th December. The concert will feature the Coventry Cathedral Chorus and the Coventry and Warwickshire Youth Orchestra. The show will be in two parts, one of which starts at 3pm, and the next at 6pm. All proceeds from the concert will go to the NSPCC.

This is not the first year the concert, which is sponsored by the Coventry Telegraph, has happened. The first show was two years ago, and since then it has been very successful at raising money. The Coventry and Warwickshire business board, who organise the event, are hoping to get 1,200 people to attend this year, which would be the highest number of guests so far. Tickets cost £15 for adults, £7.50 for children, £13 for concessions and £40 for families, with all money raised going to the NSPCC. Perfect to get in the festive spirit!

Another wonderful charity getting praised this week is MIND for Coventry and Warwickshire. MIND is a mental health charity, that works with those who have suffered mental health problems to get them to a place where they feel better again, and to reduce the stigma that is associated with having a mental health problem. For MIND, they accept money donations and encourage people to do fundraisers. There is more information on how to do this on their website:

There are loads of ways to get involved in UK Charity Week in Coventry, even by simply appreciating the hard work that goes into the many charities based here. Raising awareness for your local charities is what this week is all about!

Kim Delaney

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