HS2 ‘Detrimental to the people of Coventry’ says Councillor Noonan.


By Alex Marnelakis

Councillor Hazel Noonan has voiced her concerns with the the upcoming HS2 railway line. She has noted issues with the railway line’s costs and direction and described the railway line as ‘Detrimental to the people of Coventry. The Council initially agreed to the railway project in order for Coventry to have a say in the discussion of the HS2 and it’s links but have now fully objected to the motion and will present their case to the HS2 in hopes of creating better links around Coventry.



The HS2 is a railway line that is set to join Birmingham, London, Euton and Coventry and expected to create 51,000 jobs and a significant boost in yearly growth. Councillor Noonan noted that those opposing the HS2 should further their argument, take part in discussions and ensure that all measures such as noise prevention, farm life are accounted for if the HS2 is to come into motion. She also noted the importance of Coventry being involved within the debate.  ‘They need to take part in discussions and see if there is a better route and to ensure all measures are put in place’ Councillor Noonan


When asked what action would be taken against the HS2, Noonan explained that the council lodged a formal complaint so they could further debate their opposition towards the HS2 and have the opportunity to appeal to the House of Commons.  The Council’s opposition will cost the local taxpayer a total of £150,00 in legal and consultancy fees. Noonan understood both sides of the argument and assure that Coventry would not get ‘Left out’ in the debate and ensure that the best outcome for Coventry is achieved.

Haxel Noonan

Coucnillor Noonan emphasised the importance of Coventry being involved in the debate ensuring that it gets the best deal possible.


‘The Governemnt would listen to us if we opposed it, by putting a formal objection to it that would enable Coventry to be at a higher table and be more constructive with discussions and assure that Coventry is not left out” Councillor Noona

Councillor Noonan felt the best outcome for Coventry and the HS2 would be the preservation of Coventry’s scenery and increase in businesses and employability around Coventry . The importance of residents having access to a good train route was also cited as a crucial factor within the debate.



Find my interview with Councillor Noonan here


Sub edited by: Kyle Knappett

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