representation3James Lambert

The final iCov live blogging event was an amalgamation, made up of various people’s research on the subject of how women are depicted in various media. It was all brought together under the umbrella title “The Representation of Media”. Cathy Eglington chaired the discussion, and James Lambert and Dr Bianca Wright returned for one final time.

The topic had to cover several different media, which was augmented through visual aids.

representation of women1Topics ranged from Beyoncé to Game of Thrones, Malala Yousufzai and Katie Hopkins. Unfortunately the limited time meant the topics passed by rather quickly, but a particularly interesting one was the concept of nudity, and how its depiction can make it either positive or negative- how the body itself is not an offensive thing and yet many seem to react badly to it, and how its place in art has diminished over the years.

The subject of gender itself also arose, with questions asked about how one reacts to negative depictions of gender both male and female, and what those depictions can mean overall. The nudity conversation sprang from the idea of Beyonce as a role model, with Cathy saying that Beyonce shows off her body for empowerment rather than exploitation or sexualisation. For the first time in the iCov talks songs were used.

representation2Watch the archived event here.

So this marked the end of the iCov live blogging talks. We hope everyone involved enjoyed the conversations, and we hope everyone else enjoyed reading them.