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Good afternoon from everyone at iCov. We’ll be updating you throughout the day with all the latest news from the Coventry bid for the 2021 City Of Culture.


New Updates

What an evening

What an evening for Coventry.

The UK City of Culture for 2021 can now focus on showcasing what Coventry has to offer.

Thank you for joining us throughout the day and once again, congratulations to everyone in the city and especially the 2021 bid team, who put together a fantastic bid.





Coventry will be the new City Of Culture in 2021. Huge congratulations to everyone at the bid team and the city


One Show Begins

Here we go folks, you could cut the tension with a knife…


Latest Winner Odds

Bookmaker Ladbrokes still have Paisley as the favourites to win the title at 11/8, with Coventry remaining 3rd favourites, however their odds have shortened from 4/1, to 7/2.


Coventry University

Coventry University have expressed their pride in Coventry and the bid team ahead of tonights announcement.

Today’s the day we discover whether or not Coventry will become #UKCityofCulture2021!

Whatever the outcome, it’s been amazing to be part of such a wonderful bid, and the city should be so proud! ❤️

Tune into @BBCTheOneShow tonight for the result. #ThisisCoventry pic.twitter.com/OLUh8n5DbL

— Coventry University (@covcampus) December 7, 2017


Hear from Head of 2021 Bid

With the announcement drawing ever closer, in the lead up to today, we spoke to the head of the Coventry 2021 bid, Laura McMillan to get her thoughts ahead of today’s announcement.

You can listen to the interview below:


Where to Watch the All Important Announcement Later

No matter where you may be this evening, there are plenty of ways to watch the announcement and see if Coventry can win the title of City Of Culture.

You can watch the result Live at the Belgrade Theatre. This is an invitation only event, so if you’re lucky enough to attend, be sure to tweet us @media_icov.

Secondly, you can of course watch from your home if you’re in. The result will be announced on the One Show  from 7pm this evening on BBC1.

Finally, the official Coventry 2021 bid Facebook page will be live streaming the announcement, so there are plenty of options for you to watch the announcement live.

Be sure to get involved with us on social media later @media_icov with the hashtag #iCov2021


Recap: Coventry 2021 Official Bid Video

If you need a reminder of what Coventry’s bid is all about, you can catch the official bid video below:



City of Culture Round Up

Coventry’s history, culture and diversity are just a few of the reasons as to why it should be crowned the winner in the City of Culture Bid tonight. At 7pm, BBC 1’s ‘The One Show’ will announce to the nation which city will take over Hull’s spot.

The Bid has brought a sense of community spirit and life to the city, with the young and old coming together to promote organisations, events at venues such as the Belgrade Plaza, The Herbert Gallery and Fargo Village.

There are plenty more quirky things around the city to view, just outside of the train station are bikes that you can pedal to charge your phone.


What Would Becoming City of Culture Mean for Coventry?

With the announcement growing ever nearer, what would winning actually do for the city of Coventry?

Winning the title of City of Culture is a big deal. The idea of the competition is to take a city that has lots to offer people and give it a boost to reach its potential.

It is estimated that a win for Coventry, would boost tourism income by over £100m, such a significant investment would help propel Coventry as one of the ideal places to visit in the West Midlands and the country.

The current City of Culture Hull, was listed in a list of the worst places in the UK before winning their bid. Since becoming the City of Culture, Hull is now listed as 8th on the Rough Guides list of must see cities in the world.

A win for Coventry would be huge for the city, and we will find out on the One Show tonight from 7pm




Herbert Gallery Tweet Their Support for Bid

The Herbert Gallery have tweeted a final message of support for Coventry’s bid ahead of the announcement this evening. They also encouraged Twitter users to get involved with the hashtag #ThisisCoventry




Godiva Fest Tweet Their Support Ahead of City of Culture Announcement

Local event Godiva Fest have tweeted their support for Coventry’s bid ahead of the big announcement.

If you want to get involved on social media, use the hashtag #ThisisCoventry



Coventry 2021: Latest Odds Ahead of Big Announcement

Tonight is the night Coventry find out if their bid to become the City of Culture in 2021 has been successful.

Latest odds from Bookmakers Ladbrokes have Coventry as second favourites with odds of 4/1, with Paisley currently favourites at Evens.

The winner will be announced on the One Show from 7pm this evening.



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