iCov Rising: Meet Shauna Shadae

The 20-year-old Caribbean bred rising star Shauna Shadae is all you need to be listening to this summer. With her seductive tones, soul hitting base tempo and intertwining of patois, she is the formula to a perfect summer vibe and on the way to become London’s 2017 break through talents. Her debut song ‘Mi Like’ featuring East London’s lyricist SNE, brings instant rhythm to your body; whether that be her relatable commentary on modern relationships or the enhancement of SNE’s raw featured rap.


We can’t wait to hear her new single, which she has teased on social media and promised videos but in the meantime, we caught up with Shauna to find out exactly what she’s offering.


Tell me about yourself.


I’m 20 years old; I was born in Jamaica and came to England when I was about three.


How you got into music?


I got into music when I chose to do it as a GCSE; I was then put into an ensemble because they needed singer. Initially, I was a music lover and I didn’t intend on being a singer but they put me into the ensemble anyway because they needed more singers. I wasn’t comfortable at first but the crowd’s reaction to our performance was amazing.

What made you want to stick at it?


My passion for music sparked through competition because there was a girl in my class that also sung and she had so much confidence. Everyone would talk about how great of a singer she was and I wanted that. So I started to sing more during my school break and lunch times with my guitarist and it devoured our lives. It was not normal! And eventually, I started to attract little year sevens who listened to me and that was my first audience.


Do you think studying music helped you pursue your career?


Definitely. I went on to study music as an A Level and BTEC but it wasn’t the course so much, it was more of the teacher and the fact that I was always surrounded by music. I would go home and come back the next day with a new song for my guitarist to play it was crazy. My only problem was that I had no confidence but my teach gave me an ultimatum and said, “If you don’t do a solo, you’re getting kicked off the course”. So I did a mash up of Miguel – Sure Thing and Vixen in front of 200 people and I got an amazing reaction. It was like butterflies and from then I knew I wasn’t going to get this feeling doing anything else.


How do you find performing now?


Do you know the IAMNEXT platform? (Yes) I went to a music competition where Stormzy was on the panel, before he blew up and Hannah Barrett from X-Factor. I only went to support a group called House of Pharaohs but then my friend was like “you should do an open mic” and I was like hell no!

Then someone running the event over heard us talking and coincidently an act had dropped out so it was kind of a sign. I made it to the semi finals but I still pooed myself. From then, I just started to get loads of bookings and now it’s like natural.


In 2016 everyone jumped on this Caribbean influenced music wave, both in the UK and US, but is this something you are aiming to stick with?


Yeah, I’ve always said from the beginning that wherever I go I want to bring home with me. Naturally, I love reggae and not just because I’m Jamaican but it such beautiful music and great vibes. However, neo-soul was the direction I was initially heading in but then people kept saying don’t be afraid to branch out and my manage, Junior would ask me, “can you make people dance?” which is how Mi Like came about.


What’s it like working with SNE?


It was never planned. I was in the studio and he just pulled up, hear the beat and started humming and I was like that sounds really good! So he goes in the booth, lays his verse down and we knew had a song. I didn’t know it would blow up like it did and get over 50 thousand plays. I was amazed and overwhelmed.

Alexis Carrington

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