From social media accounts glorifying eating disorders to the ways fandom has changed as a result of connected media, Digital Living investigates the good, the bad and the downright ugly of life online. Host: Fil Prokofjev.


Please note the correct credits are as follows:

Director- Nathanael McGirr

PA – Daisy Spivey

Floor Manager – Gemma Porter

Vision Mixer – Laura Chambler

Cameras – Monica Jane Daniel Wyithe, James Pontin & Dom Askew

Sound – Kieran Finch

Set Design – Freya Clark

VT’s – Caroline Amanda

Autocue – Freya Clark

Digital Living Set – Daisy Spivey, Freya Clark, Kieran Finch, Konrad Maselko & Nathanael McGirr

Streaming – Charles Cumberlidge

Graphics – Laura Chambler and Konrad Maselko​