What do a choir, a fashion designer and an illustrator have in common? In Coventry, they’re The Next Big Thing. Presenter Tumi Nhlapo takes us behind the scenes of up and coming innovators in their various fields.

Please note the correct credits are as follows:

Director- Nathanael McGirr

PA – Daisy Spivey

Floor Manager – Gemma Porter

Vision Mixer – Laura Chambler

Cameras – Monica Jane Daniel Wyithe, James Pontin & Dom Askew

Sound – Kieran Finch

Lighting – n\a

Set Design – Freya Clark

VT’s – Caroline Amanda

Autocue – Freya Clark

The Next Big Thing set – James Pontin, Dom Askew, Monica Jane Daniel Wyithe, Gemma Porter, Caroline Amanda, Charles Cumberlidge, Olivia Sanders, Daisy Spivey

Staging – James Pontin & Dom Askew,

Streaming – Charles Cumberlidge

Graphics – Laura Chambler and Konrad Maselko