If Future is Female Shouldn’t Fashion Be Female Too?

We live in the world that is still sexist and we are still battling with so call traditions, which build a hierarchy, which is hard to break down, says Dionne Reeves, the winner of West Midlands Fashion Award for the best Independent Designer.

Fashion, even though mainly associated with women, is in fact dominated by men. Especially when it comes to the leading roles. The biggest and “hottest” names in fashion belong mostly to male designers. In the Who are the Biggest Influencers in Fashion article by Micar only 3 out of 10 names belong to women. In another article titled The Most Famous Fashion Designers also only 3 out of 10 turned out to be female. Even Vogue while listing The 25 People Who Matter Most in Menswear Right Now put only male designers.

Womenswear or menswear, doesn’t matter, both are dominated by men. Even some of the biggest fashion houses, which were created by women, are currently run by men, with Chanel as the brightest example. However, if fashion is supposed to reflect the culture and society of its own time, why are women still not recognised in more managerial roles?

I think you have to look at this situation from a women’s right perceptive, women have only been working full-time for a short period if you look at it historically. There is still a stereotype that women will not dedicate themselves to the job like a man would, which isn’t true. I feel there needs to be more done in supporting women to climb the ladder, says Reeves.

Top women of the fashion world are fighting for equality. Who doesn’t remember Maria Grazia Chiuri’s We Should All Be Feminists t-shirt designed for the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2017 collection? Let’s not forget how she is the first woman in Dior’s history who is a creative director of the house. Her main aim from the beginning of her regime is women empowerment within the brand.

Only time will show if the fashion world will embrace women empowerment, take steps towards equality of sexes and provide more and more women a chance to prove fashion is all about diversity.


Natalia Kaluza

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