In Flames, Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold Tour the World


These three bands have definitely started the year in the right way. Having rock lovers from all over the country coming to witness one of the best shows I have ever seen. ‘The Stage’ tour has definitely started with a bang and boy did they rock hard. The rest of the tour is sure to be a hit, but after the carnage they let loose in the UK, they sure have set the bar high for the rest of the tour.

In Flames was the perfect opening band to get the audience ready. Despite not being as many people there as I thought, they definitely got the crowd ready for a good night. If people were not there to see them, they went away with a possible new favourite, that’s for sure. Opening their set with ‘Bullet Ride’ from their album Clayman from 2000. Definitely a way to open the show and despite all the space on the floor, they managed to get people moving. With London crowds, this is a true success. Although their older music was a hit, they played a few songs from their newest album ‘Battles’, which was released last year in November. Playing ‘The Truth’ which is a favourite of mine from the newest album. It seemed to go down a treat with the crowd as well. Overall, could not find a better support to warm up the London crowd ready for two of the biggest rock icons in history.

Now if I’m honest, Disturbed were the sole reason I was there. One of the best bands I have ever had the honour of seeing live. I knew frontman David Draiman had a good voice, but live, he is better than you have ever heard on disk or vinyl. I highly recommend taking the time to go and see Disturbed live. They opened their 15 track set with ‘The Eye of the Storm’, which was a great song to get the crowd refreshed after a 20 minute break.

Credit: Charlotte Rogers

Disturbed’s stage presence is enough to get everyone engaged, when they’re up there, they own it. Not to mention their set, the simple backdrop was perfect with the use of the fire behind the band. The set that followed was exactly what the crowd was there for; we got to hear songs off their newest album as well as some of the most well known Disturbed anthems. Including ‘Down with the Sickness’ which was the exact moment I felt tears streaming down my face the moment I realized my teenage dream had just come true. Bad timing considering it was the same time the pits opened right before me. Looking around, this song is literally so infectious that people in the stands were standing and people around me were forming circle pits. The one thing I will always love about these shows is that it’s all like one big family. Draiman Said before ‘Down with the sickness’ “My brothers, my sisters, my blood”. Nothing less than one big, dysfunctional family

Although, the real magic happened when they played ‘The Sound of Silence’ a cover of the original Simon and Garfunkel song. This had everyone on their feet and in tears, especially me. They created an unforgettable atmosphere for an exceptional cover of a classic. Everyone had their lighters and torches in the air, ready for the rest of the set which could have not been better. It will always be one of the best gigs, simply because Disturbed were flawless. I can only hope they come back to the UK soon.

Credit: Charlotte Rogers

Then comes the act that most people were there for, Avenged Sevenfold ready to lead the show with their new album ‘The Stage’. Many of the songs I was not familiar with, but this did not stop me loving the new songs and singing along to some of the older hits. Their set began with ‘The Stage’ a song from their newest album, which after Disturbed, got the audience ready for the unbelievable set they still had to come, promising to play something from all of their albums. Not to mention their incredible stage presence, set design and some of the best graphics I have ever seen at the O2. Including some incredible 3D effects and even a giant spaceman above the stage near the end of the set.

Credit: Charlotte Rogers

Undoubtedly, I was stood there singing along to some of my own favourites ‘Hail to the King’ and ‘Buried Alive’. However, what made Avenged Sevenfold so special, was the way they made use of the runway and interacted with the crowd. The key to a great band is appreciating the crowd. The audience couldn’t have possibly asked for anything more. Not to mention, they were blessed with the talent of the amazing guitarists, Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance. He really brought something extra to the show with his impeccable finger work, shredding his guitar with not even a small mistake.

The best part of the set had to be when the band played ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’ on honour of the late drummer Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. Almost the whole crowd stood still, singing along, not taking their eyes off the stage. The response was phenomenal. Simply could not get any better.

In all honesty, if this was to happen again, I would want to be stood in the crowd, watching all over again. Hands down, it was an unforgettable performance from all three bands.


Charlotte Rogers

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