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Image supplied by K. Johansson

Image supplied by K. Johansson

A UK active study has found that Coventry is one of the most inactive cities in the country. The study hasfoundthat 36.81 per cent of adults in Coventry are inactive and fail to raise their heartbeat for 30 minutes a month. Coventry was found to be ninth most inactive in the country and third most inactive in the West Midlands, alongside Sandwell and Dudley. Ukactive used information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act to investigate to find the biggest causes of inactivity and what schemes are being effective. The data shows a link between early deaths and high levels of inactivity. As well as this, the most deprived areas of the country also tend to be more inactive than other areas. Chair of health group ukactive, Fred Turok said: “If we are to turn the tide, councils, government, and health and leisure providers need to work together to get more people, more active more often.” Local English authorities have also been found to spend just two per cent of their public health budget on the promotion of physical activity in 2012. Ukactive is asking that local authorities spend more to reduce the level of inactivity nationally over the next 5 years.

by Kyle Knappett

Sub-edited by: Nico Mirhashem


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