India fears Muslim ban is first step in worsening relations and abolishing H1B Visa

Donald Trump’s plans to restrict Muslims and refugees from entering the United States leaves India in a state of fear. People fear the abolishing of the H1B Visa which allows people to work in the US.


With this being the main topic of conversation on buses, in schools and lecture halls it is important to remember that not only Muslims are affected by this.

Although at the moment the ban applies to countries such as Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq, India does have the second largest Muslim population in the world and though largely non-radicalised the spill-over effects of the Islamic State’s actions have been felt in Kerala.

After speaking to Sharanya Musi, who lives in India, it is clear that everyone all over the world is affected by Trumps actions. Sharanya says Trump’s ban is ‘absolutely unjustified’ and she thinks ‘it is simple playing into people’s fear’.

It seems Donald Trumps likes to play on the islamophobia card, he is outright calling every Muslim a terrorist and making the world fear innocent people, ‘some people say this is finally a president who delivers’, says Sharanya, ‘but what is he delivering, he is delivering outrage globally as well as in his own nation’.

When asked how she feels about non-Muslims protesting alongside Muslims, ‘if it was just Muslims protesting they would be slammed with terrorist charges’ she says, ‘I am happy people are protesting, it has to be done and I hope that it continues to be done.’


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I also had the opportunity to ask the same questions Rituparna Nath, she is also a young woman who lives in India although her main concern is for her family who under the H1B Visa worked and lived in the US.

“This ban only makes me question Trump and his judgments. I have had members of my own family and cousins who have lived and worked in the US under the H1B visa. Now, he has put forth norms that will practically make many lose out on this opportunity to go and work there. Is this the way to treat humans in their time of need?” says Rituparna.

When I asked her how she feels towards Trump actions she replied saying, “I feel, Mr. Trump should have given it a thought from a more humanitarian angle before imposing a ban. What are we for if we can’t stand beside humans in their times of need?”

In terms of relations between the U.S and India, it is clear that Rituparna has clear views on it “He (Trump) talks about strengthening ties with India and has also recently invited Indian PM Narendra MOdi to US but I wonder how will friendship flourish if he keeps taking such tactless steps.”

The favoritism of Christianity over any other religion is radiated through the ban imposed by Donald Trump, many people see this as the incorrect way to tackle issues and if anything it will only cause a further divide and religious conflict.

“Muslims and Christianity are minority classes in India and we have special reservations for both. Being a sovereign nation, we have always looked upon them with equity. Why should refugees be judged on the basis of whether he reads the Quran or the Bible?” says Rituparna. She also has a big opinion on whether Muslim communities have the power to bring change by protesting.

“They are scattered and in a state of disarray. So getting together and forming a united front will be a very difficult task. They perhaps have the potential but they lack leadership and direction right now. They are terrorized, homeless and shelter less. They are at our mercy.” she says.

Although neither, Sharanya Musi or Rituparna Nath are Muslims themselves, they fear that the ban will have far greater consequences and turn into a world crisis. Their concern is mainly surrounding the H1B Visa which families in the East rely heavily upon.


Aleksandra Ganuszko


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